CTR build online

Bluedot is up for CTR.  New in this build is the ability to sort by categories. On the rider page touch the filter button and select what categories you want to see.

Filtering riders affects both the rider list and the map.  This should help keep the map uncluttered.

Also new is rider stats shown in the rider list.  Everyone is ranked according to their current position, and those positions are not changed by filtering.  For example, when the above snapshot was taken Eszter was 5th overall (!). 2 ladies in the top 10!  You can also see accumulated vert and what route mile the riders are at.

There are a few issues I haven’t yet addressed with this build.  One issue I’ve seen is the filtering isn’t working on Android.  Also, it is not setup for offline use yet.  I hope to get to those things tomorrow, but wanted to get this up since I promised a couple riders I’d have it up before they got to BV and they are hauling the mail!

Feel free to post a comment about any issues you encounter and I’ll address them as I can.

Head here for the CTR BlueDot

Happy BlueDotting!

  1. Nice work Dave. May have a few feature requests soon.

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