One of the things keeping me up at night lately is wondering how well the BlueDot map will render when there are 80ish riders + 30ish waypoints. I won’t really know until Tour Divide starts, and by then its a bit late to push out any updates to the app. It needs to be locked down before the start since downloading the ~5 MB of files and map tiles is not reasonable in most locations of the Great Divide ;)

So what to do? I put the control in the users hands. You can control exactly what is displayed, and tailor it so it is relevant to YOU. 100 map points on a handheld device don’t really make sense, so here’s how it is setup:

From the “Riders” page, you can control what riders are displayed on the map with button on the far right of each rider. Touch the “check mark” to toggle a rider’s display state.

From bluedot

You can also show/hide all with a single click:

From bluedot

Other optimizations in the latest build include changing some default settings:

  • Snowpack overlays disabled by default.  Enable them on the Options page, and toggle them via the layers button on the map.
  • Mobile devices only – waypoint layers for Trackleaders events are loaded but not rendered.  Toggle them on via the layers button on the map.

For racing I suggest disabling the “Use Network Resources” in Options.  This should get the best performance.  You can even use it in airplane mode, although to get SPOT updates you’ll need the data turned on.

Minimize the number of waypoints and rider points on the map to what is relevant to you.  These are the items that slow the map down the most.

OK, that should do it!  I can’t rule out a bugfix release before TD go-time, but the features are locked down until you guys are done.

Good luck!

  1. BlueDot change log | BlueDot - pingback on June 3, 2011 at 9:26 am

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