Tour Divide app now live

BlueDot is ready for Tour Divide!  Read on for a glimpse of what it is, or install it now from this link:

BlueDot app for Tour Divide

Note: last year’s event roster is currently displayed. This year’s roster will load automatically once it is ready.

BlueDot is a smart phone app made for the ultra racer or back country enthusiast.  It works with Trackleaders to bring location information of SPOT based racers to handheld devices.  It’s got several ways to stay in touch with current route conditions.  It even works in a completely disconnected state, saving previously retrieved SPOT information.

BlueDot is a web app and is installed from the link above.

With BlueDot for Tour Divide you can

  • Keep track of the current state of the race from your smartphone
  • View share messages via SPOT Connect
  • Current radar overlay on route map
  • See the most recent snow depth model on route
  • Add custom routes, cuesheets, and even riders
  • Interact with Facebook
  • Use Google maps when connected
  • Use stored map tiles when offline (or to just save battery power)

Some screenshots:

Map with route, Google road map, Matt Lee’s SPOT point, and popup with link to his rider page.

BlueDot Map

Matthew’s rider page.

Matthew Lee's rider page in BlueDot

Something on everyone’s mind, snow overlay maps!

Snow overlay on TD route

The scale is in the help system…

Map snow scale

MyTopo base maps.

My Topo base maps

Take control over BlueDot’s network access.

Settings page

Have fun with it, and fire away with any questions/comments.

  1. Trying this on my Nokia 5800 (V52.0.007)/ Opera Mobile 10.00 and dont see any maps, any ideas ?

    • Give this link a try:

      Copy/paste the browser information and send it by email. I’ve tested it on Android and iOS but don’t have access to other platforms. This script may help determine what is going on.

      Another thing to try is changing the setting on “Use Network Resources” from home page->options (towards the bottom) and restart.

  2. One more idea: make sure your browser is pointed to the right page. That should be

    I’ve had one report of a non-working install caused by being on an old development version.

  3. Hot damn, liokong pretty useful buddy.

  4. I an trying to install the app on an iPhone 4 and it gives me an error message saying the page can not be found. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  5. andrewschuhmann

    does this app still work? None of the links take me to an install window. I Can do everything online, but I can’t find a place to actually install the app to my phone. Android. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew

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